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Sony-CD's released as download Sony-CD's released as download

1987 Gandalf published his albums with Sony Music. The first released album was The Universal Play, followed in 1988 by From Source to Sea,  in 1989 he released the album Invisible Power and 1990 saw a milestone with Symphonic Landscapes. 1992  Steve Hackett collaborated on the album Gallery of Dreams with which we've already published in a special edition with two live CD's in a box. In 1992 the album The Stones of Wisdom saw its release on Sony, and in 2001 the last Sony-album was released : Visions 2001.
These albums are now available as download and all we will release them also in stages as CD.


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Artist portrait of Gandalf
Details of album "The Universal Play" (CD-No. 39867812)

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