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Artist portrait of Mostly Harmless

Even the members of Mostly Harmless themselves can’t remember when exactly their band was founded, so the first gig in 2004 usually has to serve as its official date of birth.
Since then, the lineup has already changed several times, so that Mostly Harmless now consists of its fourth drummer, Dave, and its fifth bassist, Promilipp, as well as its founding members Christoph (guitar) and Simon (vocals).
But instead of being discouraged, the band has drawn further strength and motivation from these setbacks and continues to give a 100% off and especially on the stage. This motivation is especially evident during the notoriously energetic live shows and has, at one particular gig, already resulted in a collapsed stage.


Albums of Mostly Harmless

1. Punkyard Blues by Mostly Harmless Punkyard Blues (CD-No.: 307.2274.2)
by Mostly Harmless

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2. Central Intelligence Airlines by Mostly Harmless Central Intelligence Airlines (CD-No.: 307.0513.2)
by Mostly Harmless

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3. Starpunks Coffee by Mostly Harmless Starpunks Coffee (CD-No.: 307.0275.2)
by Mostly Harmless

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Mostly Harmless - Live in concert

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