It is the year 3000. At an unimaginable velocity a space ship speeds through the universe: „Orion VIII“ under Cliff Allister McLane's command. All political problems on earth have been solved. A single world government has been established and the sea-bottom as well as the neighbouring stars in the Galaxy have been conquered for living space. However, mankind is constantly being threatened by out-of-space enemies. A space ship with a crew of four men and one woman comprises a small link in a huge security chain responsible for protecting the earth from surprise attacks. We experience and accompany the space ship „Orion“ on one of the most daring advertures ever to be dreamed of by mankind; in „Space Patrol“. „„Space Patrol“, an utopian fairy-tale, is also one of the biggest adventures in the history of German television. Incorporating a large-scale technical set-up, it was filmed at the Bavaria Atelier Gesellschaft in Munich-Geiselgasteig, in co-production with the French televison stadion (ORTF). The following German broadcasting stations have also been partners in this enterprise: WDR, SDR, NDR, SWF. In the fall of 1966 the seven series of „The Fantastic Adventures Of The Space Ship Orion“ have been transmitted in Germany and France, after which the program was shown in many countries all over the world. Without a doubt, the astronautic-sound of Peter Thomas' score for „Space Patrol“ was bound to conquer the world just as the television series will.

Discography: Music by Peter Thomas Soundorchester 1