Ronald Hoth (ASCHERA) picked up his first guitar when he was very young and quickly decided to make it his passion for life. His journey led him from autodidactic studies through jobs as music teacher, band leader and composer to founder and director of his own music school, before he entered the professional music scene.
Many Live Tours and TV-Shows followed, as musical director, guitar player and singer for the Matthias Reim-Band or as multi-instrumentalist on TV-Shows for artists like Chris Norman, Bonnie Tyler, Nina Hagen, Milva, Udo Lindenberg, Howard Carpendale, Udo JŸrgens, Uwe Ochsenknecht or Suzi Quatro. Parallely ASHERA produced his own compositions in his studio, focusing first on music for meditation before branching out into instrumental music.
In 1995 he started work on WHALES OF ATLANTIS, his first CD as ASHERA. He toured the clubs to finetune his stile and sound and to select his band, which he founded in the fall of 1996. BSC Music released WHALES OF ATLANTIS, his collaboration with famous German composer, singer and producer Dirk Busch in 1997, followed by his second CD RETURN OF THE ANGELS in January of 2000. Currently ASHERA is working on his next project, a vocal album entitled LOVE IS THE ANSWER.

Discography: Music by Aschera 2