Music inspired by "The Lord of the Rings"
Enter a world of enchantment. Come with EverStar on a magical journey into a land of myth and mystery. Performing the music of award-winning composers David and Steve Gordon, they fill the journey with sounds of both orchestral and ethnic instruments with symphonic flare, misty moods and renaissance flavored dances. This engaging album will intrigue and delight all fans of fantasy.
Enchanted Journey was inspired by "The Lord of the Rings" and evokes the magic and grandeur of "Middle Earth." Produced by David and Steve Gordon.
Line Up:
Myrdin Lore - 12-string and Classical Guitar
Arathar - Synthesizer, Samplers
Eldor Gildomir - Bass
Landis Farwind - Drums, Percussion
David Gordon - Piano
Steve Gordon - Electric Guitar

Discography: Music by EverStar 1