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Artist portrait of TYA


Nuremberg (Germany)

Drums, Percussion, Keyboards (learning by doing), Programming, Voice

Martin Scherl - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards (learning by doing), Programming, Voice
(Guest musicians)
Sammy Majbour - DJ
Benno Baum - Guitars / Studio Technique
Pino Barone - Keyboards / Voice
Marcus "Boiler" Deuerling & Roman Sörgel - Advice

Important steps along the way:
- I simply don't know when it really started or what the trigger was but I was lucky and stubborn enough to get my first drumset at about 12 years of age. Starting playing music with my elder brother Thomas (Organ, Keyboards) was very important for me. Followed by quite a lot of stops within different bands and diverse styles of music I hope that there are also some steps to be recognized. For me it still is an ongoing process of learning.
The most important step for me was to realize that I found a great part of myself within music and fortunately this source of energy and fascination has never again left me. Being able to express myself through music and noticing that I can move people emotionally with what I create makes me really a lucky and thankful guy.

Musical influences:
I think the greatest musical influence for me was music itself as a universal language and a mirror for the fascinating diversity of sounds, emotions or whatever you can find within music. I often wondered if there is one human being on this planet who doesn't know at least some kind of music to be familiar with even if it's only rhythm or the songs of certain animals? I think there is none. We all know music and therefore it is a very basic connecting link between us all.
From this perspective everything can influence the creative process of making music or any other form of art. The exploring process itself has no limits and it does not know right or wrong. It simply is and everyone looking at the results of this process can choose from a maximum of diversity and find exactly what fits to his or her personal emotions or needs.
It is really not easy for me to drop some names who influenced me musically because writing some important names down means leaving others out. Definitely a very important inspiration is provided by all the musicians I have been playing with and the people I share my love of music with. It doesn't really matter what kind of music it is I'm listening to, I just try to trust my emotions and I'm hoping to find a certain authenticity within. That is also what people hopefully find within my music.

Sometimes it seems to be all about music all the time but of course there are many other things I really enjoy, for example travelling, skiing, going to the movies, reading and of course being with my friends and loved ones.

Personal motto for life:
There is not a single motto for me in life. I'm just trying to be thankful and to enjoy that I'm here and what I'm doing.

The E: "Is It A Game" - R&M-Digital Music/1991
The E: "Pecu Beats" - R&M-Digital Music/1992
Blue Manner Haze: "Blue Manner Haze" - Dragnet/SonyMusic/1995
TYA: "Tribal Sutras" - New Earth Records/2001
TYA: "Akwaba" - Prudence/BSC Music/2003
Majbour: "Perucion" - Wellington&Sons/Zoomia/2003/12"Vinyl
Majbour: "t.b.a." - Wellington&Sons/Zoomia/2003
TYA: "Atma" - Prudence/BSC Music/2007

Albums of TYA

1. Echoes by TYA Echoes (CD-No.: 398.6836.2)
by TYA

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2. Atma by TYA Atma (CD-No.: 398.6737.2)
by TYA

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3. Akwaba by TYA Akwaba (CD-No.: 398.6682.2)
by TYA

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