Martina Eisenreich is a German composer, film composer and violinist. She is particularly known for her film music and her stage work.

In 2018 Martina Eisenreich was the first woman to be awarded with the German Film Music Prize in the category Best Music in Film for her symphonic score for Tatort Waldlust by Axel Ranisch. For her score from Spreewald Thriller Zeit der Wölfe and the comedy Endlich Witwer - both films by Pia Strietmann for ZDF - she received a double nomination for the German TV Awards 2020 - Best Music, and among other decorations, she also received the Award of the German Record Critics, the Creole Award of Süddeutsche Zeitung, and the Rolf-Hans Müller Award for Film Music.

She has released countless albums and instrumental concert performances. As a special feature, there are unusual instruments and sound creations that she developed especially for her projects, together with drummer and sound artist Wolfgang Lohmeier. With him and her ensembles she has been playing around 1500 concerts in European countries.

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