Claudia Rucker, the initiatior of the band „FOLKS play COHEN“ was since the age of 19 a great fan of the music and the poetic work of Leonard Cohen. When she came to Ontario, Canada to work as a nanny, she travelled to Montreal to eventually be lucky to meet her idol. In 2009 she had the idea to bring his music onto the stage with the help of her former husband Jörg Müller, the guitarist Ben Leinenbach and bass player Robert Winkler. For two years they reahersed the program with songs and poems and little stories. In 2011 the first concert took place and since that time the band is playing regularly, in southern Germany, in Munich, Rosenheim, Immensatdt and many little Jazz Bars and Restaurants all around the lake Chiemsee. In Juli 2013 Claudia met Leonard Cohen personally and was deeply impressed by the short conversation and flirtation in front of the Hotel in Vienna, where she ran into him. On Leonard Cohens 80. birthday in 2014 a part of the band played at a tribute concert in the Theaterkahn in Dresden, Germany. A great sucess for Claudia was to become part of a tribute concert in 2015 on the greek island of Hydra to play the song „You Got Me Singing“. In 2016 Claudia went to play two songs of Leonard Cohen on the Fan-Event in Amsterdam.
The Tribute CD was recorded in the last years by the band, with rearranged songs of legendary poet and singer Leonard Cohen and saw its release in 2017

Discography: Music by Folks play Cohen 1