It was in the year 1984, when guitar player Roykey Wydh assembled a carefully selected crew of international top musicians in a small Munich studio - among them the globaly celebrated guitar master Larry Coryell, superdrummer Alphonse Mouzon, the bass players Bunny Brunel and Wolfgang Schmid (former member of Passport, sideman for Billy Cobham), Germany’s No. 1 drummer Curt Cress and percussionist de luxe Cesar Grandos.
This summit of musical heavyweights had not been made possible through the overflowing bank accounts of a big entertainment company, but simply because of the stir, which Wydh, who  has just a few years before come from his carribean home island Aruba to Europe, had created among his fellow musicians. With his deep musicality, his astounding mastery of the strings and his positive attitude the youngster more or less over night had become a session crack in demand on the whole continent. As a member of successful jazzrock- and fusionbands like Snowball and Oktagon and as a sideman with Klaus Doldinger Roykey has also proven his abilities live on stage. So it was his sheer class as a musician that had lured his prominent colleagues into the studio for the recording of Roykey Wydh’s first solo-album.
And the eight instrumental tracks came up to the high expectations created by the illustrious line up: “Secret Message” offered breathtaking electric rockjazz as well as purely acoustic filigree work. And despite the impressive virtuosity of the players their improvistations never  degenerated into self-indulgence. Each not on “Secret Message” is filled with loving care and feeling.
This is also thanks to Roykey’s most important partner on “Secret Message”: Indian philosopher and world-class pecussionist Jolly Kunjappu, who acted as co-producer, composer and musician for his carribean friend.
Since the days of “Secret Message” their respective musical paths have drifted apart. Roykey in recent years has developed his very own genre out of his roots in Aruba, christened “Creo-Reggae”, and is busy touring Europe as a leader of his own working band. Jolly nowadays is a renowned composer. management trainer and owner of four India Restaurants. But their friendship is still going strong - and so is the music on the album which became the first document of that friendship: “Secret Message”

Discography: Music by Coryell, Mouzon, Schmid & Wydh 1