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Artist portrait of Cellarfolks

Around the turn of the millennium 5 friends founded the band 'Cellarfolks'. Although they had gained experience with some live performances before, at that time the members had to make up their minds on the band´s future direction, as up to this point the sets had consisted of a mixture of music and cabaret. As their direction tended toward the music side, the band concentrated on assembling the right line up. Well set up, and with their orientation to the Irish folkrock and speedfolk genres, ‘Cellarfolks’ bundle their individual strengths. This, along with their honest and authentic performances, has led to them quickly gaining notoriety within the folk-rock fan base.

2004: debut album 'MERMAIDS'.
Over the years, there was indeed repeatedly changing, but the band always stayed intact because the founding members had always been on board. With a highly regarded performance in front of 12,000 spectators at one of the biggest German folk festivals in Poyenberg, Schleswig-Holstein, for the band a long-cherished dream became reality - playing on a really big stage. Then, in 2013, the 'Cellarfolks' shared stage with 'FIDDLER'S GREEN' at the summer festival in Rosenheim on 'IRISH FRIDAY', the most famous speed folk band in the country.

Line up:
Olli Becker: Vocals
Laura Zimmermann: Violin
Jörn Isaksen: Backing Vocals
Wolfgang Fiebig: Acc + E-Guitar, Backing Vocals
Rupert Loenner: Accordeon; Tin Wwhistle, Backing Vocals
Holger LuedorfF: Drums; Lead + Backing Vocals


Albums of Cellarfolks

1. Hunting Traveling Ghosts by Cellarfolks Hunting Traveling Ghosts (CD-No.: 307.2601.2)
by Cellarfolks

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Cellarfolks - Live in concert

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