The classically trained composer Carsten Schnell surprised the critics with his debut album "Adjust" in 1992 with his unusual sound sculptures. Today he is considered one of the first artists at BSC Music and a pioneer of modern electronic Music in the early 90th. He had his own signature from the start and was compared to Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis. On the albums Acoustic Delusion and U!, Schnell expanded his approach beyond the confines of the electronic genre. With "Moments In The Past" he finally combined his symphonic roots with modern electronic music. He then retired from music and only wrote minor commissions for theater and entertainment, but has been deeply involved with the blues since its inception. Over the years, the idea of ??combining electronic sounds with blues themes came up. So he came back in 2021 with the single "Why do you lie to me?" and combines electronic music with the feeling of "Slow Blues" in the style of BB King or Gary BB Coleman. His Single "Dream break" combines Trance and Pop with Blues Licks and Vocals. The single "One Two Three" goes back into the electronic music of Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre. With the Single "Another Day Another Dollar" Schnell meets the Blues in a modern but clearly reduced way.