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Artist portrait of BernswanA

His exotic artist name Bernhard Maisberger gets from closed youth friends. They called him "BernswanA", because he was highly interrested in buddhism. In the age of twelve he began to write his first songs in english language and he dealt with life and society in depth. Writing Songs often aided him to master difficult situations and uncertainties and it became a essential component of his charakter. Over time, he sang and played in a lot of formations and tried many different music styles. Ranging from Bavarian folk music to heavy metal, he dabbled in all sorts of styles until he found what he was looking for: His own identity that has always existed but comes true with his right path. Today, Bernhard Maisberger, who releases his english songs under the pseudonym BernswanA, is also part of of the bavarian folkrock band IRXN as a singer and songwriter. And together with his friend Foitnrock he played countless concerts.


Albums of BernswanA

1. Under Trees by BernswanA Under Trees (CD-No.: 307.1001.2)
by BernswanA

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BernswanA - Live in concert

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