Manuel Rodriguez from Spain has not only a melodic name, but also the temperament, the feeling and the fire which makes him to one of the most outstanding guitarists for over 30 years in the Switzerland. His former band "Stonefield" was one of the pathbreaking hard rock bands of the national scene, both concerned the complex compositions and the powerful and  energetic liveshows.
After his time at Stonefield he recorded the album "Catch The Light" with  extraordinary Swiss musicians such as the Krokus singer Marc Storace. The ambitious album received excellent reviews everywhere, which ultimately led to two highly acclaimed live performances of "Catch The Light" with all involved stars. Rodriguez then played on many albums  on the "Catch The Light" represented musicians, including Roy Wilders. Wilders and Rodriguez soon realized that they are on the same musical wavelength, so it was obviously to produce a common album that combines the strengths of both musicians. "World Away" stands not only for a geographical openness of the two protagonists, but also for a musical and lyrical richness that can combine the different styles together.
In the early 2000s  Rodriguez returned to Spain, where he plays in several bands. He produced and wrote a lot of some foreign compositions in his studio, and we will release a brand new album by Rodriguez soon.

Discography: Music by Rodriguez 3