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Artist portrait of Excuse Me Fire

Friction is hearable – and music should make use of it. So does the ambitious young rockband Excuse Me Fire. Since 2008 the four musicians attract an increasingly rising fan base. Together with Munich Indie Bands they filled the city’s clubs. An Alternative Rock sound at its best, influenced by Post-Punk or even Industrial convinces the listener. Wide harmonies, powerful rhythmics and a varying atmosphere set off to one’s ear. Using strong metaphors, the lyrics project human desires and hopes onto sober reality. These strokes of fate finally erupt on stage, too: an Excuse Me Fire live performance shows up as a ceremony of devotion, sacrifice and physical passion. This appeals well to the audience. Thus the jury of the Oberland Sternenlicht bandcontest 2011 (Benjamin Schäfer - Los Burritos, Wolfgang Schmid - Passport, Wolfgang Zenk - docent and head of MGI a.m.o.) chose Excuse Me Fire as the winner out of 47 competing bands.


Albums of Excuse Me Fire

1. Glow And Flutter by Excuse Me Fire Glow And Flutter (CD-No.: 307.2250.2)
by Excuse Me Fire

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Excuse Me Fire - Live in concert

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