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Artist portrait of Schoener, Eberhard

Eberhard Schoener crosses borderlines, leaves his past behind just to find his way back to it. He gets down to music without any pre-judgment, surrendering to any foreign or strange influences to create unerring bridges to follow his very personal direction. Eberhard Schoener's work is difficult to describe as there are too many completely diverse compositions and an array of projects and events. Such versatility is reflected in his Biography.


Albums of Schoener, Eberhard

1. O.S.T. 'Gier' by Eberhard Schoener & Harold Faltermeyer O.S.T. 'Gier' (CD-No.: 307.2503.2)
by Eberhard Schoener & Harold Faltermeyer

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Schoener, Eberhard - Live in concert

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