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Artist portrait of Los Burritos

The roots of Los Burritos go quite far back. We started up in highschool as a pretty badass punkrock band called VIP. That must have been 1994 or so... Anyways, most of us found out pretty soon that music would be one the most important things in our lifes. So for this reason Benny started studying jazz doubblebase in Berlin and then in Munich and Andi becomes a professional jazz drummer. These two play in more bands and combos than a dog has flees and so we always had a hard time to keep things rolling. Tobi, singing, playing a minikorg, trumpet and several other little instruments aswell as doing a lot of songwriting also spent a few years in Berlin and as I..m (guitar, singer, songwriter) a kayaker and skier, being on the road a lot, it was always hard to get our shit together. So glad we had Radi (guitar, and math teacher!!that..s why he..s responsible for the financial part) and Max ( sequencer,turntables and responsible for the booking) to get everything straight. We are all super close fiends, Andi and Tobi are bothers, Benny is my cousin and Radi and Max are allmost bros too. That..s propably why it works. The name "Los Burritos" came up around 1999. I don..t have a clue how or why, so please don..t ask stupid questions! People keep asking if we play salsa music but in fact that couldn..t be further from what we really play. And - lazy! So we never changed the name and to be honest:" we don..t give a ahhm" In the beginning we where influenced by bands like Sublime or Cake but also by Elliott Smith, Eels, The Notwist and the Beatles. Our first album "Rain is liquid sunshine" came out in the fall of 2000 containing a bit of raggae, bit of Ska, some funk, punk and some really melancolic songwriter music. All in all it's a patchworkalbum, that's for sure. After playing some gigs and writing new songs we got kind of tired of playing offbeats all the time and even though we still like this kind of music a lot, we changed ours dramatically. So 2004 we came out with our 2nd album "On our way to meet the sun" containing more songwriter music and bit of electrictrashpoprockwhateverthehellyoumaycallit. You can download a few songs of this album right here. Meanwhile our music got featured on quite a few european kayaking flicks. 2004 is allready quite long ago and there..s a lot of new music to be recorded. Lately we started to put together our own little recording studio, so we have more time to try out different things. There might be a new album in the near future so watch out for it.


Albums of Los Burritos

1. On Our Way To Meet The Sun by Los Burritos On Our Way To Meet The Sun (CD-No.: 307.0012.2)
by Los Burritos

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