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Künstlerportrait von Dolezal, Jimi

Biographie Jimi Dolezal

Jimi Dolezal, musician and composer, was born in November 1983 in Stockerau/Lower Austria and always been thrilled and impressed by music.
After seeing a concert of Michael Jackson in Vienna, he knew, that he wanted to be an artist. It all started with some Jackson-moves and some playback concerts, at the age of thirteen Jimi got his first acoustic guitar.
At that time the guitar, his implement, like Jimi always says got one of the most important thing in his life. He went to music school one hour per week and has played and improvised 5 hours every day. After some time he got a Fender Strat, an electric guitar and started to find some musicians to form a band.
In the meanwhile Jimi Dolezal improved his skills on guitar very quick and learned a lot of his friend and professional guitarist Karl Ritter, who has played with all the great artists in austria. For Dolezal, Ritter is his guru.
After playing in bands like Agnes Milewski (Austrian Newcomer Award Winner), Marcin Suder, Deserted Minds and playing a lot of concerts in Germany, Poland, England, France and Austria, Jimi met Producer Martin Fugger. Both had the idea to create and produce something special. 
The Project Nature´s Beauty should be based on the beauty of nature. They worked a lot and now the album Nature´s Beauty Green will be released on September 2010.
Jimi Dolezal is a self-employed musician and composer and lives in Vienna/Austria. He has worked and played with artists like 
Mary Broadcast Band, Agnes Milewski, Breiteck, Georg Luksch (Producer), Marcin Suder, Foxhole Roots Crew, Karl Ritter, Dj Andy B., Leroy Emmanuel (Motown Musician), Fii, Lee Hofmann (Starmania), Ronnie Urini and much more.
Jimi also is a well known studio guitarist for some commercials and also works in the social area.

Biographie Martin Fugger
Martin Fugger (Songwriter, Composer, Arranger and Producer) was born in Vienna on the 30th of July in 1982. In his early days he started studying music. At the age of 6 he took his first Piano lessons. Inspired by his uncle, his parents and his grandparents he kept working on his musical skills and discovered new instruments such as Guitar, Drums and his Voice.
During his schooldays he played in a lot of Bands and experienced a lot of different genres. After his civilian service at the Red Cross in Vienna he started playing with Musicians that were more serious about music. That was the time when he met Jimi Dolezal. What those two guys didn’t know back then was that they will team up in the future to create an album called Nature’s Beauty (green).
When Martin Fugger found out that it’s not that easy to break thru as a performing artist himself he started focusing on the technical side of the music. He founded Leisure Time Studio. From that time on he worked with well known Artists live and in the studio. Probably one of the best known acts Supermax that was famous all around the world, Missy May & Band, Morton in Europe, Emad Sayyah best known as one of the most famous composers and producers for Arabic Bellydance music, Tanja Miljkovic a rising star on the Serbian pop sky and Peter Roberts who is well known in America for his productions in Pop and Black Music.
On his way he found back to the musical side of music and started to work again as an artist. At the time Martin Fugger is focusing on his work as composer and producer. He is concentrating on delivering messages in the right way to gain respect and understanding on our planet.


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1. Nature's Beauty (Green) von Dolezal, Jimi Nature's Beauty (Green) (CD-Nr.: 398.6758.2)
von Dolezal, Jimi

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