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a daneem

/images/cds/30701932.jpg Gschichten aus dem Hinterland
a daneem

"Gschichten aus dem Hinterland" (Stories From the boondocks) is the second album by „a daneem“. New strong, unspectacular and authentic songs in Bavarian language, musical elements of country blues and folk meet folk music, ballads alternate with swing and shuffle, always reduced to the essential. Singer, saxophonist and fluti... more

13.10.2017 84453 Mühldorf/Inn, Ökonomiestadl
24.10.2017 83512 Attl/Wasserburg
27.10.2017 94405 Landau/Isar , Musicafe
18.11.2017 84533 Marktl/Inn, Cafe Ach

Folks play Cohen

/images/cds/30726072.jpg Nine Popular Songs
Folks play Cohen

"Folks play Cohen" do exclusively interpret songs by Leonard Cohen - in their own special way with keyboards, accordeon, acoustic guitar, double bass and three-part singing. The music has been re-arranged and the creative, often jazzy arrangements take the listener on a journey through Leonard Cohen´s life and add lightness without ... more

17.11.2017 83370 Seeon, Kloster Seeon
01.12.2017 83098 Brannenburg, Breitenberghütte
04.12.2017 84489 Burghausen, Knoxoleum
04.05.2018 87488 Betzigau, Bürgerzentrum

Garden Gang

/images/cds/30722722/30722722.jpg Middle Class Symphony
Garden Gang

A high energy glam punk rock feast! Hailing from deepest Bavaria, the band's musical influences nevertheless stretch around the world, ranging from American '50's rock'n'roll, through to the English beat groups of the '60's, and on up '70's punk and the new wave of the early '80's - all these styles fusin... more

09.12.2017 80331 München, Glockenbachwerkstatt


/images/cds/30701732.jpg Irgendwo und Irgendwann

  ... more

28.10.2017 91788 Pappenheim, Zum Hollerstein
04.11.2017 09496 Marienberg, Baldauf Villa
18.11.2017 87660 Irsee, Altbau
23.11.2017 85405 Nandlstadt, Mundart-Festival
28.11.2017 85049 Ingolstadt, Neue Welt
13.01.2018 86920 Denklingen, Hex
10.03.2018 89143 Blaubeuren, Kleinkunstbühne Zum fröhlichen Nix
05.05.2018 89423 Gundelfingen, Kulturgewächshaus Birkenried
02.06.2018 93059 Regensburg, MundArt Festival
27.07.2018 87776 Sontheim (Schwaben), Dampfsäg

Benedikt Jahnel Benedikt Jahnel & das Kaktus 6tett
Jahnel, Benedikt

The sextet led by the native Munich pianist Benedikt Jahnel combines musicians from all over Germany, who converged in the fresh maelstrom of the Berlin jazz-scene. Jahnel, who presently lives in New York and presented his Carnegie Hall debut a few weeks ago, releases this Cd as his first work as a leader. All compositions are penned by him and ... more

05.10.2017 Paris, Goethe Institut
06.11.2017 Berlin, Schlot


/images/cds/30702043.jpg 48 Stelvio (Curves Edit)

„48 Stelvio“, the new Single of KUPFER proves how smooth the Duo masters also the field of Alternative and Independent Pop. In this hommage to the magic of the Stelvio-pass with its 48 curves, singer and songwriter Stefan Weyerer performs in english lyrics for the first time. The dirty drumsound might also impress a guy like Jack W... more

06.10.2017 85625 Glonn, Schrottgalerie

Le-Thanh Ho

/images/cds/30701942.jpg Staub
Le-Thanh Ho

Staub – Le Thanh Ho (reviewed by Dave Franklin) Posted on Dancing About Architecture If opening track Geisterschiff suggests a return to the dark elegance and noir-ish film vibe of Elephant, as soon as Papiermond kicks in you realise that this isn’t going to be just a new journey through previous sonic pastures. Yes, those rich elem... more

28.09.2017 08527 Plauen, Malzhaus
30.09.2017 81675 München, Einstein Kultur
17.11.2017 21502 Geesthacht, Düne
01.12.2017 33102 Paderborn, Amalthea


/images/cds/39899362.jpg Laws Of Motion

  With „Laws of Motion“ the 7th album of the German band max.bab is now appearing – an album that will excite fans and first-time-listeners once again. The four musicians have excelled themselves creating a unique fusion of lyrical melodies, suspenseful improvisations, and hit-like compositions. On the opener “Human ... more

29.12.2017 München, Unterfahrt
30.12.2017 München, Unterfahrt

Nadine Maria Schmidt & Frühmorgens..

/images/cds/30701802.jpg Ich bin der Regen
Nadine Maria Schmidt & Frühmorgens..

Sorry, no engish description ... more

23.09.2017 01662 Meißen, Atelier Görnische Gasse 6


/images/cds/30701763.jpg Schmankerl

sorry, no english information available ... more

23.09.2017 85623 Glonn, Alpentag
28.09.2017 80339 München, Herzkasperlzelt auf der oidn Wiesn
02.10.2017 84307 Eggenfelden, Musiknacht Eggenfelden
13.10.2017 85354 Freising, Furtnerbräu Freising
19.10.2017 94501 Aldersbach, Konzert

Michael Rother Flammende Herzen
Rother, Michael

Michael Rother: Guitar, E-Piano, Bass, Synthesizer, Organl, E-Percussion. Jaki Liebezeit: Drums. Recorded June - September 1976 in Conny's Studio, engineered by Conny Plank, produced by Rother/Plank Bonustracks 06+07: produced, recorded and mixed by Michael Rother. All instruments: Michael Rother, except tarck 06: Drums, Bass & Co-... more

30.09.2017 32756 Detmold, Electronic Circus (Festival)

Bernd Scholl

/images/cds/39868592.jpg The View From Here II - Live at the Church
Scholl, Bernd

Bernd Scholl composed brandnew longtracks especially for “The View from here – Autumn Concerts 2016”, which took place in the Nicolaus- Copernicus-Planetarium, Nuremberg and the Holy Ghost Church, Erkrath. The Concert was recorded at the Holy Ghost Church, Erkrath . The atmospheric-magical Sound Journey, leads the Listener wit... more

05.11.2017 40699 Erkrath-Hochdahl, Heilig-Geist-Kirche (beginn at 17:00)


/images/cds/39868612.jpg Zauber & Rituale

In their fourth studio album the musicians of Tibetréa bewitch their audience with a cornucopia of magical sounds. Those who wish to discover a genuine treasure trove or summon a god of fire will find just the right incantation to accompany them on their quest. But beware of creatures like lurking samodivas, deceitful elves, ugly witches and... more

31.10.2017 82538 Geretsried, Kulturbühne Hinterhalt
16.12.2017 80333 München, Wittelsbacher Weihnachtsmarkt

Franziska Wanninger

/images/cds/30701952.jpg AHOlbe
Wanninger, Franziska

According to her first program "Just & Margit", the high-flyer Franziska Wanninger is facing the challenge of achieving the second program "AHOIbe" to her young artist existence. On the one hand, the completely humorless and even incomer manager from Munich in the neck, who forces her to write a program about cruises. On the... more

30.09.2017 86655 Harburg, Gasthof Lamm
07.10.2017 82216 Maisach, Bräustüberl
08.10.2017 93047 Regensburg, Statt-Theater
13.10.2017 84359 Simbach, Gasthof Murauer
14.10.2017 86679 Ellgau, Gasthof zum Floss
20.10.2017 83093 Bad Endorf, Kramerwirt
21.10.2017 91077 Dormitz, Lachnacht
27.10.2017 94234 Viechtach, Litertaurrevue
02.11.2017 84405 Dorfen, E 3
09.11.2017 80337 München, Schlachthof
10.11.2017 91054 Erlangen, Fifty-Fifty
11.11.2017 94032 Passau, Scharfrichterhaus
21.11.2017 83043 Bad Aibling, Literaturtage
24.11.2017 73495 Stödtlein, Bprgersaal
04.12.2017 82205 Gilching, Monis Brettl im Oberen Wirt
07.12.2017 A-5020 Salzburg, Arge Kutur, Comedy Pub
08.12.2017 80337 München, Schlachthof
15.12.2017 83661 Lenggries, KKK
16.12.2017 86551 Obermauerbach, Canada


/images/cds/30700872.jpg A Liad, a Freiheit und a Watschn

Who does not know Weiherer has missed something. Far away from the religion, that Bavarian music must have Franzl Lang-level, Weiherer is releasing his sixth album "A Liad, a Freiheit und a Watschn" (a song, a freedom and a slap in the face) and he's performing for the people and not for the global m... more

23.09.2017 23769 Burg/Fehmarn, KULTurlabor
24.09.2017 10405 Berlin, WABE
28.09.2017 A-8523 Frauental/Steiermark, Bluegarage
29.09.2017 A-4101 Feldkirchen a.d.Donau, Kultursaal Petermichl
30.09.2017 A-4400 Steyr, Röda


/images/cds/30701812.jpg A guada Dog

sorry no english information available ... more

16.10.2017 84489 Burghausen, Knoxoleum
20.10.2017 86441 Zusmarshausen, Kultur-Stadl Wörleschwang
11.11.2017 86551 Obermauerbach, Canada
17.11.2017 83661 Lenggries, kkk im Arabella Brauneck Hotel
24.11.2017 81829 München, Kulturetage Messestadt Riem
09.12.2017 85080 Gaimersheim, Backhaus

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