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Artist portrait of Lux, Christina

Christina Lux stood for the very first time on stage over 30 years ago. She celebrated her 50th birthday this year and has released her eighth CD album. It’s a very fine live CD. “Writing a song is like having a conversation with myself and spinning it out further with my guitar”.  “I look for things which are like a short embracement, a moment in which ease and lightness appear and in which words and sounds simply fall into place by themselves. I am therefor that moment" Christina Lux has always let herself break free from the structure of a song and allowed things to be created if they wanted to be. Her submersion into the depths of words and the emotional encounters created by them is her main drive. This is also the motor around which everything revolves enabling her to go ahead and write new songs. Since 2006, on the release of her first German lyrics on her „Coming Home at Last“ CD, she has discovered her own native language more and more for her lyrics.“ I have always dug emotionally very deep with my lyrics and at the time it was important for me to use English so I could create some distance from them. In the meantime I now enjoy knowing that my audiences are getting the whole story".

Christina Lux has been on the road with her songs since the beginning of the 90’s. She has a big and sensual voice which ranges from powerful and strong to soft and sensitive. She packs her personal and meaningful lyrics into emotionally moving songs. Lux tells her stories with minimalistic instrumentation and a glowing stage presence making her into one of the most charming and captivating song poets in Germany. Innumerable concerts have been played by Lux and left her audiences inspired. Lux‘ music is charismatic, personal and original. She springs easily from English to German, makes her guitar sound like an entire band, and tells wonderful, short philosophical stories in between her songs. Glittery or sugary pop songs are not her style. Lux shines differently. Her music has an emotional intensity, is minimalistic and direct. Words and music go together down familiar paths and unrequited dreams. She has a big voice which is sometimes soft and sensitive and which can also breakout unruly from the norm. A pearl in the sea of songwriters.  Christina Lux released her first CD in 1998. She started her musical career in 1984 as singer in a rock band, journeyed through the world of jazz and landed in a multi-cultural a cappella formation called the Vocaleros. She started to write her own songs in the early 1990s.

1998 EP She is me
1999 Little Luxuries
2001 Pure Love, 2003 Live in Stadtgarten with Marius Goldhammer & Nippy Noya
2006 Coming home at last
2007 Pure & Live
2010 DVD Live from the Lola with special guest Regy Clasen
2012 Playground feat. Reentko. (Nominiert for the German Record Prize)
2015 Live CD Embrace feat. Bodek Janke.

Lux was born in Karlsruhe and currently lives in Cologne. She has worked with Edo Zanki, Laith al Deen, Purple Schulz, Fury In The Slaughterhouse, Jon Lord (Deep Purple), Chris Jones und Mick Karn. She has toured as support with Paul Young, Tuck & Patti, Long John Baldry, Status Quo. In 2005 she played at the Montreux Jazz Festival. She has been on stage with duo Friend'n'Fellow and the Katona Twins and in recent years has played joint concerts with Stoppok, Astrid North, Richard Wester, Anne Haigis, Cristin Claas, Regy Clasen, Henrik Freischlader and many more.

Albums of Lux, Christina

1. Playground by Christina Lux feat. Reentko Playground (CD-No.: 398.6770.2)
by Christina Lux feat. Reentko
Price: 16,95 Euro

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2. Pure & Live by Lux, Christina Pure & Live (CD-No.: 398.6738.2)
by Lux, Christina
Price: 16,95 Euro

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3. Coming Home At Last by Lux, Christina Coming Home At Last (CD-No.: 398.6725.2)
by Lux, Christina
Price: 16,95 Euro

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4. Live at Stadtgarten by Lux, Christina Live at Stadtgarten (CD-No.: 398.6647.2)
by Lux, Christina
Price: 16,95 Euro

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5. Little Luxuries by Lux, Christina Little Luxuries (CD-No.: 398.6630.2)
by Lux, Christina
Price: 16,95 Euro

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6. Pure Love by Lux, Christina Pure Love (CD-No.: 398.6620.2)
by Lux, Christina
Price: 16,95 Euro

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7. Embrace by Lux, Christina Embrace (CD-No.: 307.0178.2)
by Lux, Christina
Price: 16,95 Euro

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Lux, Christina - Live in concert

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Hansatheater Hörde, 44263 Dortmund
Hessentag, 65428 Rüsselsheim
Remise, 38855 Wernigerode
Kulturscheune, 34560 Fritzlar
Schnabulenz, 48151 Münster
Kunstwerkstatt Altes Stellwerk , 42651 Solingen
Bürgerhaus Altes Kloster, 47669 Wachtendonk
Kattwinkelsche Fabrik, 42929 Wermelskirchen
Schrottgalerie, 82625 Glonn
Schloss, 86637 Wertingen
Kofferfabrik, 90762 Fürth
Disharmonie, 97421 Schweinfurt
Kulturgewächshaus Birkenried, 89423 Gundelfingen
SOEHt 7, 12203 Berlin
Dixiebahnhof, 01108 Dresden Weixdorf
Kulturforum, 34414 Warbung
Tempel, 76185 Karlsruhe
Zum fröhlichen Nix, 89143 Blaubeuren
Songfestival, 32825 Blomberg
Apex, 37073 Göttingen
Druckerei, 32545 Bad Oeynhausen
Pankok Museum, 48455 Bad Bentheim
Lola, 21031 Hamburg
Speicher, 19055 Schwerin

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